Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Boat Trip

The Williamsburg Bird Club organized a boat trip from Lynnhaven in Virginia Beach on Jan 19. A wide circle was made for 4 hours along the 4 islands of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-tunnel and then south toward the ocean, then back to Lynnhaven. Highlights included an estimated 4,000 Northern Gannets, many at close range and plunge-diving; a male Harlequin Duck, caught beautifully in flight by Ernie Miller, though missed by many of us as it took off with a large Surf Scoter flock; at least 10 Harbor Seals and a Humpbacked Whale, which re-surfaced often and close by, with an audible exhale...the photos show a perfectly-shaped blow-plume and strongly arched back as it dived. A photo by Ken Lipshy shows a distant image of what appears to be a Common Eider behind a scaup flock.
Brian Taber