Wednesday, February 25, 2009

College Creek Hawkwatch Feb 25, 2009

The 49 birds we saw today just about equalled the other 9 February days combined. Bill Williams and I saw our first Ospreys...3 of them...4 Black Vultures, 4 Bald Eagles, 2 Red-tailed Hawks and 36 Turkey Vultures crossing the river...a decent total and species mix for February.

A light southeast wind and air that warmed rapidly from a low of 20 last night produced good flight conditions. There were no other migrants noted, except for the usual waterfowl.

Brian Taber

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Williamsburg Area Prothonotary Warbler Project

Thanks to Observatory Vice-president and Master Bander Bob Reilly, CVWO is partnering on a Prothonotary Warbler Nest Box Project with the Historic Rivers Chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists and the Williamsburg Bird Club. Nest boxes will be placed in a number of locations and monitored closely for this species of Special Concern. In the photo, volunteers are working on boxes at York River State Park on February 13, 2009.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

James River at College Creek Hawkwatch

The 13th consecutive late winter/spring season for the College Creek Hawkwatch, is underway. The site is on the Colonial Parkway on the north shore of the James River, about 3 miles southeast of Williamsburg. The count is done daily, weather permitting, from mid-February through May. It's the only regular hawkwatch at this season in Virginia. Birds are counted as they cross the river heading north, generally from mid-morning until early afternoon as the warming air provides lift. Today, February 10, 2009, there were 11 Turkey Vultures and 1 Bald Eagle. In addition to the usual waterfowl at the site, a few Tree Swallows and Brown Pelicans were seen, as were 2 rather early Fish Crows. Volunteers today were Brian Taber, Arun Bose, Tom Armour and Bill Williams. Results will be posted on the website of the Hawk Migration Association of North America, which can also be accessed through the Observatory's website links page and regular comments will made on the VA List Serve and on this blog. Visitors and helpers are always welcome! For more information contact