Saturday, July 7, 2012

Three-year old female PROW back at Northwest River

Guest blogger and CVWO Volunteer Shirley Devan back with an update from the Prothonotary Warbler nest box trail at Northwest Rive Park in Chesapeake, VA.

Recaptured Prothonotary Warblers continue to tell interesting stories about the life history of these migratory birds.

July 6, I recaptured two female PROWs.

At box 37, the female with 4 eggs was originally banded as a NESTLING June 22, 2009 in box 36 right next door! She has made 4 round trips between Virginia and her wintering grounds in Central or South America.

At box 39, the female with one egg in her nest was originally banded by Steve Living May 16, 2012 at the SAME box with 4 eggs. Her four nestlings were banded May 29. She will likely lay 2-3 more eggs in this second clutch.

The first male PROW captured at Northwest River in 2012 was at Box 11. Photo attached! Always a treat to capture a beautiful male PROW.

We will continue monitoring through the end of July because second clutches are well underway with females still laying eggs the first week of July.

So far Steve Living and I have banded over 150 nestlings and two dozen “new” female PROWs. See previous posts for more 2012 information about this project.